This is The Tale of PB and GM’s Wedding earlier this year.

Celebrant, left of picture, conducting wedding ceremony with bride and groom right of picture.
Moments To… Celebrant Ceremonies officiates PB and GM’s Wedding

On the 26th of June 2021, I had the pleasure of officiating PB and GM’s Wedding at The Barn at Yew Tree Farm.

This was not a marriage that had been rushed into. This was a wedding that had bounced around the calendar thanks to covid. However, it had been on the cards for a while as they had known each other for around 20 years. And when I say known each other, that’s how long they had been together.

Bride and Groom sitting at a table signing a wedding certificate.
PB and GM’s Wedding – signing the commemorative certificate created by Moments To…

Origin Story

They’d met over the back garden wall; it was the first time that GM had ever asked out a boy, and they had their first proper date at a wedding! Along the way, they found out that they both liked Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, both adored travelling, and were rather splendid when it came to pub quizzes.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

Jane Austen

He loves country walks, and she loves pony trekking, and together they love exploring the Lake District and Cornwall.

PB and GM have found a way to explore the UK together and have bought a barge. They have named it after themselves as its previous name used to bring far too many comments. Now they are looking forward to spending long slow holidays chugging along the canals in between their world adventures.

PB and GM’s Wedding Ceremony

Their ceremony combined song lyrics from favourite artists, quotes from Jane Austen’s book, and family members reading poems such as The Art of Marriage by Wilferd Arlan Peterson.

Guests at PB and GM's wedding  listening to a guest reading a poem with the bride and groom to the right of the picture and Celebrant Sarah Nelson to the left

PB and GM’s wedding vows were personal and included in-jokes that all the guests appreciated.

I want you to be my husband,

and allow me to tell “you how ardently I admire and love you.”

I promise to keep exploring the globe with you,

As long as you promise to keep doing all the dishes.

And that from this moment and as long as I live,

I will love you.

I promise you all of this.

The ceremony drew to a close with a quote from George Elliot about love, and the newly formed Mr and Mrs B went off to enjoy their life together.

What greater thing is there for two human souls

than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen

each other in all labour,

to minister to each other in all sorrow,

to share with each other in all gladness,

to be one with each other in the

silent unspoken memories?

George Elliot

The Reason to have a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

It was a relaxed and personal ceremony with family taking the photos and everyone feeling at ease during the whole event. And that was what PB and GM wanted.

They celebrated their love, included favourite quotes from artists and authors they both loved and had a gathering of their closest people.

This is what a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony offers. Moments To…Make Your Own.

Sarah x

PS Photos taken by Groom’s daughter.

Picture of Sarah the Celebrant, myself. There's a white background. I have jaw-length reddish-brown hair. I am smiling at the camera. I am wearing a dark coloured necklace and a yellow flowery top.
Sarah the Celebrant at Moments To… Celebrant Ceremonies