Probably one of your first questions is “How much is a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony?” And that’s fair. If I am planning an event, the cost is one of my key factors too.

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So, I have put together this table with my Celebrant Wedding Ceremony prices until 2023 (though feel free to enquire for wedding dates beyond that) with explanations and links to help you plan your amazing wedding day and stay within budget. Also, it means you have clarity about what you are paying for.

Moments To… Celebrant Wedding Ceremony Costs Breakdown 2021-2023

Hopefully, from my insane table creating you understand that I offer Celebrant Wedding Ceremony plans and individual elements. You can choose a plan or mix and match and create your own ceremony plan which will be individually priced.

Celebrant Ceremony Wedding Plans

The Simple Ceremony £500 + travel and accommodation

As outlined above, this comes with a saving of £60 – yes, please!

AND, this is a price hold from 2019 because we don’t like to talk about 2020, and now it’s 2021 and our fingers are crossed.

The Simple Ceremony includes:

  • A complimentary meeting so we can get to know each other
  • Up to two more meetings where I ask you lots of questions/info gather to write your ceremony
  • A draft, redraft, and final approval of the ceremony
  • Delivery on the day
  • An elegant commemorative certificate
  • A simple presentation copy of the ceremony script

You can add extras, if you like, such as help with speeches or other ceremony elements or just keep it straightforward. Remember – your day, your way 😊!

The Something Extra Ceremony £750 + travel and accommodation

This is a new Celebrant Wedding Ceremony plan for 2021 and combines two of my older plans (for those of you who have leaflets). And it saves you £75!

The Something Extra Ceremony includes:

  • A complimentary meeting so we can get to know each other
  • Up to two more meetings where I ask you lots of questions/info gather to write your ceremony
  • A draft, redraft, and final approval of the ceremony
  • Delivery on the day
  • An elegant commemorative certificate
  • A witness parchment for your witnesses to sign during the ceremony or at a time of your choosing
  • A boxed copy of your ceremony script
  • One ceremony element of your choosing

The Do It Your Way Ceremony £TBC + travel and accommodation

I want you to have the Celebrant Wedding Ceremony that works for you. And this plan gives you the most options. You can mix and match what elements and mementoes you want to have, and I can offer advice on how to organise the flow of your ceremony.

Obviously, I can’t give you a price for this as you will choose your elements and we shall add it all up as we go along. But I do know we shall have a lot of fun in the planning and I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Your Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

In fact, whatever plan you choose, I will be excited to hear your ideas, your inspiration and especially your love story.

How did we get here?

(I actually squee’d while writing this because I am that excited to hear your story!)

Other things you might want to know

As I know what I mean when I write down all these terms, that doesn’t mean you do. So, here’s a wee explanation for each thing to make sure we understand each other.

Complimentary 60 Minute MeetingThis is a getting to know each other meeting. You want to get on well with your Celebrant, so you share more information resulting in a more personal wedding ceremony.
Planning Meetings in Person/Online (first 2 are free then £/meeting)We can meet online or in-person – at some point soon – and chat over ceremony details. After we have had two in-person/online meetings, I start charging.
Venue VisitThis is me coming with you to visit the venue and maybe having a wee walk through of where you appear from and where the ceremony will be held.
Draft, Redraft, Final Copy Approval and Delivery on the DayThe ceremony script begins its life in draft form. Hopefully, with a redraft and a tweak or two, you will be able to say a big fat YES to the finished product. And then I get to deliver it (say it out loud) on the day. Exciting tImes!
Rehearsal on the DayArriving ahead of the ceremony time, we can sneak down to the ceremony space and walk through the steps of the ceremony with you and anyone else involved – parents, readers, flower children, etc.
This can lessen nerves as you have a good idea of what’s going to happen and where you should be entering, standing, and exiting.
Elegant Commemorative CertificateThis is a certificate I put together that marks the day, place, and time of the ceremony. You can check it ahead of time too.
Witness ParchmentAs many people don’t tell friends and relatives that the ceremony they are attending is a Celebrant ceremony – so no legal bits – you can ask your witnesses to sign this parchment-like paper. It adds an extra touch of realism to your ceremony.
Simple Presentation CopyThis is a copy of your wedding ceremony script printed on lovely paper and encased in a folder with a ribbon.
Boxed Presentation CopySimilar to the Simple Presentation Copy, except this one comes in its own box tied with a ribbon.
Hardback Boxed Presentation CopyYour wedding ceremony is printed out on extra lovely paper and given to you in a hardback folder. It gives it a little more gravitas aka it looks rather fancy.
Extra Wedding Elements per ElementThese are the mini ceremony extras you can include in your wedding ceremony for that extra wow factor or personal touch. These include Handfasting, The Sand Ceremony, or a ceremony of your own design.
Assistance with VowsNot everyone feels comfortable writing their own vows. And it can be especially intimidating when you know you are going to share these out loud with guests.
However, FEAR NOT! I will help you write what you want to say and we decide together how you want to say it. Some people like to say their vows and others prefer to hear them and then agree.
Don’t worry – I’ve got your back.
Speech Assistance – Bride/Groom/Best Person/Maid of Honour/ParentAs with the vows, not everyone is a speechwriter. Some people say they will wing it – DON’T! Some aren’t great at staying on topic or choose topics that aren’t relevant or suitable.
I will help you, your friends and your family write and deliver something short and sweet with a little humour thrown in.
Most importantly, I can show you some techniques to fight the nerves. You will feel, look, and sound confident as you speak to your people.
Travel above 30 miles of my homeI am incredibly happy to travel but you will have to cover the cost of my travels once I have gone past the 30-mile mark on roads and not just in a straight line. Or if I have to get a train or a plane or a ferry or a rocket.
Accommodation if requiredOnly if I have to travel a distance that has meant setting off before 7am or means I am not getting home until 10pm or later – I need a place to stay. It doesn’t have to be grand, but it does have to be close to the wedding venue, safe, and clean. I want to be the brightest Wedding Celebrant for your amazing day.
What all my words mean when talking about Celebrant Wedding Ceremonies

Finally, if you have a question about anything – ask me! Message me using the Contact Me page.

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So, with that information blast, I think you deserve a cup of tea with a biscuit…a chocolate biscuit. 😊 YUM!

Sarah x

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