Welcome to the all-new and utterly gorgeous website!

Isn’t it lush?

It took a bit longer than expected but with the expert hand of Jennifer Claire Constance we got it done.

Why the revamp and a new website?

Why have a revamp? Because the original site, though loved when created, wasn’t really me. It was what I thought I should say and what I thought was expected of a Celebrant website.

But I am more confident in my own website style and creativity now, so here we are. 😊

Everything is still here. You can find out about Weddings and Funerals and read past Blogs. However, there is a new section Naming Ceremonies, which I also offer, and I also offer funerals for our furry companions too. Go and have a look if you haven’t already.

I am really proud of this new site, so I hope you enjoy it too.

What else is new?

Well, there’s a pandemic. And sadly I have not become as one with my sofa or spent my days learning the odd one or twenty new languages and skills as I have been getting to grips with being a new mum.

I guess that is a bit like learning new skills. I can change a nappy now, even on a wriggly beastie and often I have a fair idea what his different noises are, so look at me with my new language skills. 😊

He’s spent almost half his life in Stay Home. Stay Safe. Beat the Virus mode, but as he knows nothing else, he seems unfazed by it all. Here he is chilling on the sofa from a few months back.

Picture of an older baby sitting on a sofa with a patchwork quilt. He likes the new website.

We have explored much of our local area on our daily exercise walks and now know many a short-cut to the same place, as well all the paths in our local park.

He is yet to acknowledge animal life with more than a passing glance, so he is nowhere near as excited as I am about the squirrels or little birds we encounter on our wanders.

Close up picture of grey squirrel wishing he could see the new website.

Although, I have found a number of places that would be wonderful for a small Outdoor Wedding or Naming Ceremony, and even a restful Memorial Ceremony to remember all the best of a loved one. He just gazes at them all with thoughtful wonder absorbing all this new information while trying to understand what he sees and his place in it.

What has stayed the same?

Whenever you choose me to write and deliver the ceremony you need, you will get someone who is completely committed to making sure that your needs come first. The ceremony is always about you and I will fight your corner so you don’t do what I did, and produce a ceremony that is there to make someone else happy…unless that is what you truly want.

You will also get a Celebrant who will treat you like family because I will always want the best for them and be mortified if they ever received poor service, just like I would be if I provided you with a ceremony you were not okay with.

And while this strange pandemic world continues, do your very best to stay safe and keep others safe too.

Love and hope,

Sarah x