What is a Wedding Celebrant? Why do we need one?

With Christmas and New Year being two of the most popular times of the year to propose to your significant other, many people are beginning their wedding planning journey.

For help with this, have a look at some of my past blogs about Wedding Fairs, Wedding Planners, and Wedding Photographers.

But today is about what a Wedding Celebrant can offer you?

In basic terms, a Wedding Celebrant is a person who writes your ceremony based on what you tell them, and then they deliver this ceremony on your Wedding Day.

How does this differ from a religious leader or registrar? 

The answer is in several ways.


I don’t have a set script like a Religious Leader or Registrar must use. Yes, they have variations, but essentially, they are using the same ceremony for every couple they marry.

As a Wedding Celebrant, I write each and every Wedding Ceremony from scratch after talking with you. Your wedding ceremony is totally unique to you as a couple.

The Inclusion of Special Bits

Because I am an Independent Celebrant, I am not affiliated to any religious or civil expectations. This means I am happy to include your beliefs, spirituality, song and reading choices, or cultural wishes.

Obviously, Religious Leaders specialise in their faith and if you have strong connections to a church or temple, then you would want to marry there.

Registrars also have rules about what songs, poems, readings and rituals can be included in a Wedding Ceremony – so if this is the option you go for, do double check that.

Why not include a mini-handfast?


A Wedding Celebrant Ceremony is not legally binding. However, this means that you can have a legal ceremony elsewhere (foreign holiday/registry office) and have a more personal and well-attended ceremony on your terms…which leads me to:

Venue and Timing

With most religious and Registrar led ceremonies, you are restricted by time and place. In England and Wales, you must have your ceremony in a registered or licensed building when a Registrar is available – usually office hours.

However, a Celebrant Wedding can be anywhere and anytime! From your back garden to the café your eyes first met to the beach you first kissed or a mountain you both like the look of. The point is ANYWHERE.

And, with the right planning, a Celebrant Ceremony can happen at the time of your choosing. How beautiful to say your vows as the sun rises or under the midnight sky at Midsummer?


Yes! I have been trained! I had my training with the UK’s Society of Celebrants (UKSoC). I am also insured.

And I think my background in English teaching, here in the UK and abroad, helps too when I am meeting people like yourselves, speaking in front of your guests or choosing the perfect text for a reading.

Why would we want a Celebrant Ceremony?

Think about how much time and effort you are putting into making your Wedding Day unique to you.

You are:

  • choosing the perfect dress or suit.
  • selecting a cake that you (mostly) and your guests will find both visually stunning and utterly delicious.
  • hunting for a venue that will make a gorgeous backdrop for your photos.

But you are accepting the same ceremony and vows as everyone else?

By sitting down with you, and listening to how you met and what you love about each other, your hopes and dreams and everything that you value about your relationship, your ceremony takes shape.

Your love story is my inspiration and as the ceremony is written just for you, it will be different from everyone else’s.

What’s also great about a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony, is you can add in personal extras that you may not be allowed or have time for in a religious or civil ceremony.

Black male singer in denim jacket against black background
Include talented friends
Older lady in summer dress, small hat, and glasses.
Include your Nan
Include your pet
  • You have a friend that sings – we can incorporate that.
  • You want to invite each guest up to leave a short letter in Wedding Day Time Capsule – we can do that.
  • You want your child or children, or parents or nan involved – sorted!
  • You wish to blend aspects from each other’s culture or background – glad to.
  • You have a beloved pet you’ve trained as Ring Bearer – let’s get them involved too!

Again, as with the venue, a Wedding Celebrant allows you choices.

You choose what makes it perfect for you.

But the legal bit…

Do not worry.

Make an appointment with your local Register Office.

You want to use their signing room or have their most simple ceremony.

You need two witnesses and documentation to prove you are you.

Approximately, twenty minutes and £100ish later, forms are signed and the job’s a good ‘un: you are legally wed.

And you get to save all the best bits like personal vows and ring swapping for your Celebrant Ceremony. (I’m getting excited for you and we haven’t even met! ????)

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