How to handle a Wedding Fair successfully?

How to handle a Wedding Fair successfully? For the weeks leading up to the 17th of September, this was the question on my mind…

As a Wedding Celebrant, Wedding Fairs can definitely be an amazing opportunity to meet couples planning their big day. Most importantly, I can use Wedding Fairs to give out information on what a Celebrant Wedding can offer that a traditional wedding might not. For example, using a celebrant like me widens your venue options. You don’t have to use licenced premises and you don’t have to be indoors.

Also, with a Wedding Celebrant, you get a wedding ceremony written entirely for you. Therefore, no one else’s wedding day will be like yours. There are so many pros! You can read about them here

However, my main concern in how to handle a wedding fair successfully was: what did I want to achieve? And this should be your main question too.

What do I want to achieve at the Wedding Fair to handle it successfully?

You will probably fall into one of three groups: Inspiration Seeking; Price Finding; Professional Securing.

Handling a Wedding Fair Successfully as Inspiration Seekers

You are probably in the very early stages of planning. You are full of Pinterest images and trying to pinpoint what it is you want from your ceremony. Therefore, you are here to collect ideas about what is possible.

Your aim is to be inspired.

Your success comes from developing a clear idea about your wedding day.

You should:

  • Definitely talk to as many vendors and professionals that are on offer.
  • Take their cards and leaflets.
  • Certainly, take pictures of what you like.
  • Enjoy the freebies – especially the edible ones!
  • Then go home and give these people a good Google.

Handling a Wedding Fair Successfully as Price Finders

More than likely, you are a little further along the planning track. You know what you want. Now, you are looking into the practicalities of making it happen.

Your aim is to collect specific information. Facts and figures.

Your success comes from being able to create a detailed budget for your wedding day.

You should:

  • First of all, prepare a list of vendors you want.
  • Definitely make a list of questions for each of these professionals:
    • Are you available on my wedding day?
    • Do you have different price packages?
    • What do I get for my money?
    • How much is your deposit?
    • Is it refundable?
    • When do you need to be paid?
    • Can I pay in instalments?
  • Make sure to collect business cards and make notes on them.
  • Above all, keep your information clear even if you have to make notes while asking questions.
  • Stay focused – do not engage with people not on your list. Take their cakes but DO NOT engage if their job title or business is not on your hit list.

Handling a Wedding Fair Successfully as Professional Securers

You know your wedding plan and you have worked out your budget. You’re now putting the finishing touches to your ceremony in order to make it as successful as possible. You are here to get the last of your professionals ticked off your vendor list.

Your aim is to get your professional signed up for your wedding day.

Your success comes from leaving with a smaller bank balance and a handful/email boxful of contracts saying YES to being at your day.

Inspirational Wedding Photography

You should:

  • Definitely make a list of who you need and include your max budget for their services
  • Furthermore, you need to prioritise your list. Photographers’ diaries fill up fast and they need to be there in person. Whereas a florist can have their work picked up from their store so may have more date leeway.
  • First question: Are you free on my wedding day? If the answer is yes, get the deposit paid and contracts sealed asap. If the answer is no, ask who they would recommend. Get the details and get calling.
  • Make sure you like the people you hire. Your wedding day is meant to be enjoyable so you want to be surrounded by people who help create and maintain that atmosphere.
  • Definitely check that the people you hire have insurance and a back-up plan if they can’t make it.
  • Go home knowing you have it all in hand and treat yourself to a grand cup of tea.*

What did I do to make sure I handled my wedding fair with success?

My Wedding Celebrant Wedding Fair aims:

  • meet people – couples and other wedding industry vendors
  • promote, inform and explain celebrant weddings
  • have ONLY one cake freebie

My Wedding Fair Success comes from:

  • collecting contact details in exchange for info packs from couples
  • speaking with and getting business cards from other wedding industry peeps
  • enjoying only one, very delicious, beautifully iced cupcake

I hope that when you attend a wedding fair that you find it inspirational, informative, and handle it very successfully.

Sarah x


Remember to keep your focus on your partner. You are at a Wedding Fair because you are marrying the person you love most in the world and they love you. Everything else is a bonus, so enjoy finding out about fabric shades and cake flavours. You’ve successfully found the most important part of your wedding already.

*Other beverages are available.